Join us for Hoboken's Polynesian Race and Festival at Maxwell Place Park on Saturday,
August 6, 2022! Ke Aloha Outrigger is proud to partner with Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse for this unique event on the Hudson River.


Race Course, Race Schedule and Online Registration


Paddler Information and Details  for the  Hudson River Cup.


Ke Aloha Outrigger and Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse thank our sponsors for their support of the Hudson River Cup


Ke Aloha Outrigger is pleased to present the first outrigger canoe, SUP and sea kayak races of their kind on the Hudson River along the Hoboken Shore. We welcome elite and experienced paddlers willing to take on the challenge of the Hudson River and New York Harbor against the dramatic backdrop of the Manhattan and Jersey City Skyline against the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.

OC1/OC2 and Surfski Race: 10-miles
out and back to the Statue of Liberty

SUP/Kayak Race: 4-miles
out and back to Colgate Clock/Jersey City

Race Schedule 
Thursday, August 4
8:00PM . Online registration closes.
There will be no in person registration at the race site. All athletes who are not registered online will not be allowed on the water. 

Friday, August 5
7:00PM . Online Race Orientation Meeting
All racers will be required to attend the online race orientation meeting. A link will be provided and attendance will be taken at the time of the meeting. Any racer who does not attend the online meeting will not be allowed to race.

Saturday, August 6
7:00AM-9:00AM . Check-in and Staging.
9:15AM-9:45AM . Launch
10:00AM . Race Start
11:00AM-12:30PM . Project Race Finish
12:00PM . Lunch.
1:00PM Awards Ceremony
1:30PM . Breakdown and Loading
3:00PM . Race Closes

Times subject to change.
See the Athlete Information section below for additional informaton.


Ke Aloha Outrigger and Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse are pleased to host the 2022 Hudson River Cup race on Saturday, August 6. COVID-19 continues to be a part of our daily lives and request all participants to be vigilant to protect our athletes, our volunteers and members of the public.

Limit on Capacity
We will be implementing a 50-person craft limit to the race this year in order to ensure proper social distancing on land.

No Walk-up Registration
We will be ending online registration on Thursday, August 4 at 8PM. There will no walk-up registration on the day of the race. Anyone who is not registered on PaddleGuru by this time will not be allowed to race.

COVID-19 Questionaire
All race participants are required to fill out our COVID-19 questionaire indicating you have not been diagnosed with or show symptoms of COVID-19, are not currently participating in a mandatory quarantine or have travelled from an impacted state in the past 14 days. If you are showing symptoms or have answered yes, we ask that you remain at home. We will provide a full refund of your registration fees.

The questionare will be issued to registered athletes on the morning of Friday, August 7 and must be completed before you arrive to the race site on Saturday, August 8 or you will not be allowed to particpate.

Mandatory Online Race Orientation Meeting
Friday, 8/5 at 7:00PM
The race orientation meeting will be held online the night before the race. All racers are required to attend the Zoom meeting scheduled for Friday, August 7 at 7PM. A link will be sent to all registered racers on Friday morning. Attendance is mandatory and will be checked at the meeting. Any racers who are not present will not be allowed to race on Saturday.

Required Safety Equipment
US Coast Guard requires all athletes to have emergency whistles, PFD, leash and water during the race. An emergency whistle will be included in your swag bag when you check-in this year. Please be sure to bring that with you on the water. There will be a safety check prior to launch. If you are missing any of these items, you will not be allowed on the water.

Unloading Watercraft and Check-in at Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse
Saturday, 8/6 . 7:00AM to 9:00AM
Athletes should follow the instructions below to get your watercraft to the race site.
If you have not already done so, please fill out the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse Online Waiver.

Drive-in Registration
Once in Hoboken, take 12th Street or 14th Street east towards the Hudson River to the water.
Turn right on Sinatra Drive North and park on the right side around 12th street. There will be a registration tent in the park at the foot of 12th street.

- Please park your car on the right side of the street only and remain in your vehicle. A registration volunteer will come to you to check you in and provide you your race number, swag bag and directions to nearby paid parking garages. ($20 for up to 10 hours)
- Once registered, you may unload your watercraft from your vehicle and proceed to the staging area. We will have volunteers help you if needed. Remember to wear your mask! This is a loading zone only so do not leave your vehicle unattended more than you need to.
- Do not block the bike lane on the left side of the street. Proceed with your craft to the staging area. Volunteers will be available to help you with your craft if needed.
- At the staging area, please maintain a minimum of six feet between watercraft to account for proper social distancing. Once your watercraft is in the staging area, please proceed back to your vehicle and leave the loading area so others can unload.
- Proceed to park your car and come back to Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse.

Paddle-in Registration
Athletes who are coming to the site by water can land on the beach at Hoboken Cove located in Maxwell Place Park a few piers south of Hoboken Pier 13.

- Once on the beach, please put on your mask and bring your craft up the ramp to the staging area. Volunteers will help point the way.
- Please make sure you maintain a minimum of six feet between watercraft to account for proper social distancing.
- Once your craft is safely in the staging area, please proceed to the registration tent located on the lawn at the foot of 12th Street along Sinatra Drive North and pick up your race number and swag bag. Please abide by the marks placed on the floor to maintain proper social distancing.

No Access to Boathouse Storage Bays
There will be no access to the main storage bays or office at the boathouse. Restrooms will be open and entered from the city side of the boathouse only.

Bag Check
If you have personal belongings that you would like stored while you race, please proceed to the bag check door located next to the restrooms on the city side of the boathouse. We will provide large plastic bags for you to place your belongings in. Place your items in the bag and hand it back to one of our volunteers. It will be tagged with your race number and stored inside the boathouse. To retrieve your items after the race, please provide the volunteer with your race number. 

Race Launch and Safety Check
Saturday, 8/6 . 9:15AM to 9:45AM

Watercraft Preparation
- All boat numbers should be mounted on the port (LEFT) side of your watercraft so it is visible to the timers on land at the finish. For stand up paddlers, please stick it on the BACK of your PFD/shirt so it is clearly visible.

Safety Check
- All paddlers must go through a safety check by a race official. Safety check includes proper rigging, personal floatation device, hydration, leash and emergency whistle. Those who do not have these items will not be allowed to race.
- Once approved by a race official, paddlers will be given a wristband to wear. That wristband will allow entry to the beach.

Race Launch
- We will be launching in order of race number - start time TBD. Please be patient as perform this necessary part of our safety plan. We hope to get everyone on the water before 15 minutes of the race start to allow some time for everyone to warm up prior to the start of the race at 10:00AM
- Be sure to check in with the safety volunteer at the gate entering the beach with your name, race number and wristband. Athletes who fail to check-in or check-out will be disqualified.
- The race starts promptly at the end of the jetty at Maxwell Place Park.

Crossing the Finish Line
- Once you have crossed the finish line, please yell out your race number to the timing officials. Continue into the cove to the north of Maxwell Place Park to cool down and keep clear of the finish line.
- When you are ready, proceed back to the Hoboken Cove Beach. Be careful not to interfere with any athletes on the race course who are approaching the finish line.

Back on Land
- Once on the beach, please put on your mask and take your craft back to the staging area as quickly as possible to keep the beach clear. We will have volunteers available to help you.
- You must check out with the safety volunteer at the gate as you exit the beach or you will be disqualified.

12:00PM to 1:00PM
When you have completed your race, please proceed to the front of the boathouse (water side) for your much deserved lunch.

Awards Ceremony
The Awards Ceremony will be in front of Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse. Please do your best to maintain proper social distancing. Face mask will be required.

Cleanup and Loading
- You may pick up your vehicle and proceed back to the loading zone at Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse on Sinatra Drive North to load your craft.
- Two hoses will be placed on the lawn at the south side of the boathouse for you to rinse off your watercraft prior loading on your vehicle. For your protection, we will have a volunteer disinfect the hose after each use.
- Please keep the bike lane and road clear. Volunteers will be around to help you move your craft from the staging area to your vehicle. 


The Hudson River Cup would not be possible without our sponsors and vendors. 
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the Hudson River Cup, 
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